Community management in journalism and beyond…

Recently as part of my work with Wannabe Hacks I went to Kingston University to talk with their journalism society about entrepreneurial journalism.

The experience was enlightening in many ways and I learnt much about what fellow students think about the state of journalism. The thing which really struck me was how much more profitable it was to interact with people face-to-face.

Sharing a room with people who had and hadn’t heard of Wannabe Hacks before gave us chance to discuss our ideas and answer their queries. Their facial expressions and general demeanour gave us a clue as to what we were doing and saying wrong and what they liked.

We managed to convince people to sign up to our email newsletter and gained over 20 new twitter followers. I am convinced every person in that room will at least check out the site if they hadn’t before.

This post may well be filled with enthusiasm after a succesful trip south of the river but I am really starting to think that despite all the online opportunities, face-to-face community management really can’t be beat.


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